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where to we obtain all that extra electricity from

Once again we read an article stating the electric cars are going to the panacea to all our problems when fossil fuels run out. But let’s look at the facts before us before we all run out and buy that electric vehicle. 

First and foremost where do we obtain all that extra electricity from, renewable will play their part but what do you do when the wind stops blowing or day turns into the night for solar arrays. Then you are faced with the problem of getting all that electricity where it is needed, a recent report stated that the industry could only absorb a 20% increase in demand, the grid system could not handle it. It’s fine to install charging points in our cities and towns but what do you do for the rural community and that’s before you look at the heavy haulage industry and agriculture.

If you are looking to purchase that new electric vehicle ask the one hundred dollar question, how much does the vehicle require in electricity, and how much will be available? There is no such thing as a free lunch.