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We read one report after another of the effects of Global warming; this week alone has seen three such reports, from salinity affecting the rice production to the report. 

Of our failure to reduce temperature rise to 1.5 c, do we convey this message to the general public? The problem we are facing is its gradual process, and people accept it.  

Living close to a major highway, you begin to realize just how much we rely on fossil fuels and our disregard for the environment and this planet we live on. 

A long weekend approaches, and traffic volume has increased considerably, people just going away for the weekend.  When you stop talking to them in the filling station and ask about pollution and global warming, most reply’s are the same, my small amount won’t matter, but it does matter when you start to add up the amount of traffic on just one road. 

The only way I can foresee attitudes changing is when fossil fuels become depleted, and this is conveyed back in the cost. Still, please remember clean air is not a given right, and the pollution you see in our cities such as Orlando is of your making.