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Change is on its way

We talk about alternative forms of energy and the move away from our reliance on fossil fuels towards the electric vehicle, but the electricity still has to be produced and distributed sometimes over long distances. The need to start producing electricity where the demand dictates has never been more apparent, Orlando is such a city that would benefit from such a development.

Producing more energy is not the only answer, reducing our energy consumption is by far more realistic, from transporting goods to turning off the light switch or reducing our need to travel, it is going to change. But let’s not forget the house we live in, this is a somewhat old in concept built around the need to keep warm or cold and a reliance on fossil fuels.

We will have to move away from this concept and start thinking outside of the box utilizing more of the natural environment and try to enhance our way of life. The energy we take for granted dictating our way of life is going to change whether we like it or not because change is on its way