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By Keith Apps

I sometimes wonder where the new build houses are coming from, we purchase a house and then stick solar panels on the roof, that have their origins back in the last century, you don’t go out and buy a car and then ask to have the engine fitted 

First and foremost the roof is there for protection, the roof of a house should also be designed in such a way that the whole roof becomes the solar collector and this, in turn, should improve one’s lifestyle. Orlando is well placed to take advantage sitting on latitude 28.5383 even New York could still benefit from straddling latitude 40.7128.

In the U.K. large areas of valuable agricultural land are being lost to solar arrays. Not only reducing land for food production but also reducing nature’s ability to capture carbon

There are a number of crops that can be grown as green fertilizer from clover to mustard, this, in turn, reducing the need for artificial fertilizers, yes trees are of major importance but so is the grass covering the ground.