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Orlando and Passive Houses

Reduce the remaining cooling demand with passive cooling strategies.

Yet again the dire consequences of global warming are in the headlines again and what there consequences will be dire if we fail to act , 

You might ask what  has this to do with Orlando city 

 Florida is one of the states that has a warmer climate and as such the rise in temperature will be come more noticeable and your energy bills will rise to pay for the air conditioning , But, looking at the air conditioning units today they are no longer fit for purposes, this is also the same for your current housing stock as fossil fuels start to run out the cost of keeping the home cool will start to escalate where as a passive house is at one with its environment.

What is a passive house, it’s a house that uses the atmosphere to keep the internal temperature more comfortable. 

The materials used and how the house is constructed set it apart from the current conventional house 

Even the housing developments will change as more land is sett aside for greening upon.

By Keith Apps