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The Hall of Presidents proves that Disney does know how to promote patriotism. This attraction will not disappoint those who might enjoy a bit of Americana with that Disney touch. The atrium/pre-show area is full of Presidential portraits and memorabilia. In the atrium, you’ll find several small exhibits. For example, one of the exhibit's displays “The Making of The Hall of Presidents,” which showcases how the models are sculpted, how their attire is selected, and how the entire process takes shape. If you are a real history nut, make sure you get into the atrium long before the show starts to check out each and every one of the remarkable displays!
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The Liberty Belle is an authentic replica of an old paddle wheel riverboat. It travels down the Rivers of America and circles Tom Sawyer Island several times a day. This scenic tour offers a view of props along the riverbank to simulate a wild west effect. While not a thrilling adventure, this attraction offers a short respite from the busy crowds. The boat holds approximately 450 guests and has 3 decks from which to view the passing scenery.


As you enter Liberty Square, you're stepping into the colonial era of America. The brick covered buildings are reminiscent of Williamsburg, Virginia and there's a replica of the Liberty Bell. It's no wonder why Liberty Square was chosen as the home of The Hall of Presidents attraction. There's an actual Liberty Tree in front of the Liberty Tree Tavern. Its name is from the 1957 Disney movie "Johnny Tremain." Among its branches are 13 lanterns representing the original 13 colonies of the United States. At a hefty 38 tons, this tree is the largest living thing in the Magic Kingdom.
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