It’s unlike any other city  in Florida.  Downtown Winter Garden has the authentic vibe of small-town America

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It’s unlike any other city in Florida.  Downtown Winter Garden has the authentic vibe of small-town America, yet has integrated trendy dining and shopping options with family-friendly local attractions like the West Orange Trail and its impressive farmers market.   

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Like all prosperous rebirths, Winter Garden’s sustained success required a steady, driving force.  For the City, that has been the focused guidance of Bollhoefer, Winter Garden’s longtime City Manager.   He is quick to point out the initial groundwork for the city’s rebirth was done prior to his tenure and he humbly downplays his own importance.

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Winter Garden’s strategic vision is to be the best small city in the state of Florida.  These aren’t just words or a pie-in-the-sky dream, but rather a goal with a sound strategy that requires progressive planning, buy-in from residents, and the foresight and courage of elected commissioners to make thoughtful, difficult decisions to invest in their downtown.

To complement the downtown area’s architecture, the City allocates resources for beautiful landscaping and preservation of its mature oak canopy.  It’s no accident that visitors are frequently seen snapping photos of the flowering, cascading vine that envelops the arbors around the fountain on the center median of Plant Street.