The Leu Gardens

The Leu Gardens’ Board of Trustees work tirelessly behind the scenes to support of our programs and activities.


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Appointed by Mayor Dyer for two-year terms, they serve as volunteers on behalf of all the residents of Central Florida.
Their work at monthly meetings includes the approval of the annual budget, review of expenses and revenues and oversight of staff recommendations for suggested policy changes. Often you can find them assisting staff at special events. Please allow me this moment to thank them for their time and service to the citizens of Central Florida.

Summer, and it's inevitable 90° days have returned and the Gardens’ plants are gearing up for the long summer. When you visit next, be sure to see the “Florida Flowers Trials” north of the Rose Garden. In cooperation with the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association and plant breeders from around the world, we are testing new varieties of bedding plants.
The testing will continue through September and those that have survived our brutal heat and humidity may appear on the shelves of garden centers next year. It’s quite a show and one that I think you will enjoy.

Robert Bowden