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Start your week eating Sea Food at Bonefish Restaurant

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Every early month I give myself a lunch at the Bonefish Grill Restaurant. Bonefish is located on Sand Lake Road but also in Winter Garden, my favorite.

The service is perfect, where employees receive with kindness and professionalism. On Wednesdays, they offer the Bang Bang Shrimp which costs $ 7.00 with special price. The Bang Bang Shrimp consists of a bowl of shrimps covered in an unforgettable sauce.

But what I always eat at lunch is a lobster ravioli.

Before the main course, they serve a piece of warm bread with olive oil and black pepper. The menu is one of the most varied including meat, which I do not advise because their specialty is seafood.

You can choose Bonefish on Sand Lake Road or Winter Garden Village. Highly recommend and much!